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Motion Sensor

icon Motion Sensor

our motion sensor is used to detect human motion through the moving heat source lens and is used...

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 Patch Cord Cat 6

icon Patch Cord Cat 6

LC ZONE Cat 6 U/UTP Patch Leads offer Cat 6 compliant performance and support high-speed...

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RG 45

icon RG 45

RG45 Made of very safe materials, so it is environmentally friendly. Start installation. ....

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Large Business

icon Large Business

Large Business . 25+ Employees . Take your business to the next level with an enterprise phone...

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Medium business phone systems

icon Medium business phone systems

Medium business phone systems . 10-24 Employees . if you’re a thriving business, you need a phone...

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Small Business Phone Systems

icon Small Business Phone Systems

Small Business . 4-9 Employees . u’re a small business, reputation is everything. . You can’t...

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Security Camera Brackets

icon Security Camera Brackets

Security Camera Brackets . LC Zone sells a full line of mounting brackets for use with security...

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CCTV Installation

icon CCTV Installation

Installation . Security camera installation is available. CCTV Camera Pros has partnered with...

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CCTV Camera

icon CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera . Lc Zone’s range of security cameras includes a range of CCTV cameras and systems,...

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