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Smart integrated lighting

icon Smart integrated lighting

Show off your beloved dinnerware collection. The lighting enhances the atmosphere and gives a...

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Wireless LED bulbs

icon Wireless LED bulbs

Smart LED light bulb that can be dimmed wirelessly to create the right mood at home. Resembles...

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Smart Door Lock

icon Smart Door Lock

Smart Lock Cylinder Watershed Of High-End Smart Door Locks The key to an advanced smart...

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Smart home hub & controls

icon Smart home hub & controls

Creating your Smart Home network with the Zigbee Smart Hub through the Internet allows you to...

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Saving Water

icon Saving Water

Tapping into ways to save water . Every day, a home might waste many gallons of fresh water—but...

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Smart & electric blinds

icon Smart & electric blinds

Electric blinds (with good light blocking and light-filtering qualities) you can program, they’ll...

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Smart air purifiers

icon Smart air purifiers

Both a side table and an air purifier improves indoor air quality . . can be adjusted manually,...

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