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Control boards and units

icon Control boards and units

LC ZONE control boards and units for automation systems guarantee full customization:...

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Flashing lights

icon Flashing lights

Top quality, designer flashing lights for gates and traffic lights for regulating access that...

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icon Photocells

To complete your gate, door, and garage automation systems, LC ZONE provides a range of...

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Remote Controls

icon Remote Controls

LC ZONE's range of practical, innovatively designed remote controls for automation systems will...

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Room automation, service booking

icon Room automation, service booking

Room automation, service booking and instant remote check-out LC ZONE tablet, a multimedia...

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Digital room key

icon Digital room key

Digital room key with personalized offers and live chat LC Zone app is our response to the needs...

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Intelligent screen

icon Intelligent screen

Intelligent screen with all hotel information and last-minute offers . LC ZONE digital kiosk is a...

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TV system

icon TV system

The LC ZONE service is comprehensive – the system integrates with leading TV brands (Samsung and...

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Door / Window Sensor

icon Door / Window Sensor

Smart door & window sensor with lightning-fast response measurement is designed to detect and...

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